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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • We have multiple teams of UI Developers who will deliver the desired code with a QA done by Lead Front-end developer and a Designer.
  • Select the desired output and upload your files to get effort and cost estimation from the assigned Project Manager.
  • Discuss, agree and pay for the effort estimates and get the project started.
  • You can have a weekly call or a scheduled call with the project manager based on your convenience and get the results.
  • There is no limited period of time as such, since it wholly depends on the design requirement. Once the request is accepted, you will know the approximate completion of work and time, when the estimate is shared with you.
  • The timeline can be adjusted based on special requests. Special requests are subject to additional billing If necessary.
  • Every design is unique. Hence, the cost estimates (calculated with respect to Hours / FTEs / Software Licence) will be provided within 24-48 hours upon request received.
  • The cost typically range from $15 to $60 per hour, depending on the project type and front-end framework/Design expertise.
  • All the payments are prepaid, after the agreement on the estimates. You will be sent a link for making the payment and Kick-starting the project.
  • You can pay in your currency (INR, USD, EURO, GBP, etc.,) through our Payment Gateway links like PayPal, or you can do Wire-transfer.
  • Milestone based payment break-ups are available for the projects which are more than 3 months. All One-time projects are 100% pre-paid. All strategic engagements are 100% pre-paid every month.
  • All project billings are subject to Government of India’s Tax laws. (GST is Applicable) All the projects will kick-start upon confirmation of the payment.
  • The project manager will provide you with schedule of date regarding the progress of a project. If it’s a strategic commitment, you can monitor the progress with the help of your project management tool or our tool.
  • Refunds are considered only if there is an accurate justification and proof for any kind of mismatch more than 50%.
  • If the requirement is not met at 100%, then it will further be replenished.
  • In-case of cancellation of the project, the refund would be calculated on pro-rata basis, only after evaluating the reasonable scenario of the client and the team.
  • Yes, we do. We help in the design enhancements, prototyping and UX/ UI Design if it is a new project and is at the scratch.
  • In case of any on-going projects, we would have to take a look into the unfinished work and provide the roadmap and estimates. Once we agree, we can provide the necessary designs.
  • All the UX/UI work will be handled by the Earning Designs Consultants.
  • Yes. We cherish such creative projects. We will collaborate with you and provide the necessary storyboard, followed with a document of how the animations would appear.
  • We provide JS animation library containing Anime.js, Mo.js, velocity, popmotion, vivus, Greensock JS, Scrollreveal, Hover CSS and Kute.js which would be helpful in complex visual animation for web.
  • COADIO’s team members are in-house team members located in India. Will soon expanded to serve from other countries.
  • No. COADIO is focused on delivering Quality Design & UI development service for B2B & B2C Product Website / Web App projects.
  • COADIO is not a marketplace.
  • It’s a trust-worthy platform for Managed UI development project deliverables – ranging from Start-up to Enterprise Development Requirements.
  • PSD to HTML/CSS, XD to HTML/CSS, Sketch to HTML/CSS, AI to HTML/CSS, Lunacy to HTML/CSS, Figma to HTML/CSS and any available UX/UI softwares that you would be using.
  • Yes. The existing issues of UI in the website of basic HTML or CMS powered (Eg., Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, e-commerce frameworks, React, Angular, etc.,) will be evaluated and fixed by our UI development team.


  • The fact that we have more than 10 years of experience in this industry, Makes it a strong reason to pick.
  • UI Development outputs are Quality analysed with UX design expertise.
  • Great team of problem solvers, programmers and designers rather than an outsourcing platform.